Monday, October 17, 2011

Pharaoh, Pharaoh...oh oh, let my people go....lallalllaaa

Why do you think the pharaohs of Egypt were so successful for so long?
       *Use some evidence from your social studies book

What factors (things) led to the decline (downfall) of Egypt? 
       *Use some evidence for your social studies book

What 3 charactorists did all the Kingdoms have in common?
      *Again, you guessed it, use evidence from your....BOOK! 

This will be your LONGEST blog to date!  Make sure you answer all 3 questions.  Happy blogging!


james.medicinehorn said...
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Devin.Taylor said...
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Jacob.Mutziger said...

People tought that pharohs were gods so the beleived what they said. Wars,some pharohs,they crumbled after every kingdom and they got overthrown.They all fell,all the kingdom were together,they all ruled for a good amount of time.

james.medicinehorn said...

1. Because they were really rich. And they lived by the Nile River. So they had rich farming soil, that means more food and more population.

2.They fell to the famous conqueor Alexander the Great of Macedonin. Then they were conquered by Romans.
3.They liked to build things and create more things.

Devin.Taylor said...

They were successful for so long because they had a big population and owned alot of land.

The civil war made them defenseless.

All the kingdoms liked to buil things to make money.

wyatt.hickey said...

1.BEcouas they dident have many wars.
2.Alexander the great conquared egypt and eygpt was left weak and poorly defended.
3.THey all kept on getting stronger for when people come in to invade them.They still had trade with nubia.They were makeing new stuff.

karin t. said...

1:the pharaohs had absolute power over everything & Egypians believed that the pharaohs were "earthly for Horus".
2:dynasties grew weak, near the end of the old Kingdom challenged the power of the pharaohs, they didn't want to deal with wars.
3:all 3 kingdoms kept failing on building a empire

Emily.Sinkie said...

1. Because the Egyptians believed their pharohs were from Horus the falcon god. and some were wise and some were careless and crule.

2. Governors in the provinces began to challenge the power of the pharohs government. Egypts unity crumbled, and the dinasties grew weak.

3.Important events and achevements marked each of Egypt's three kingdoms

Anonymous said...

(1) they were sucsecful for at least 15 years.And what ever the pharaohs decided it became a law.
(2) they went and got more land and grew and then egypt's unity grew weak.
(3) they wanted to build and grow,they wanted more land so they fought with the invaders and other countrys.and they wanted to have peace and have know wars.

lance.brauchi said...

They were the rulers of the area they could do anything they wanted like start wars and build anything. Egypts new kingdom fell because there was a civil war and Alexander the Great from Macedonia conquered Egypt. Then the Romans conquered Egypt. Cleopatra was the last Macedonian to conquer Egypt. All the kingdoms were either taken down or got invaded by foreigners. They all traded. They all wanted to build an empire for their people and if their pharaohs died they would put the possesions in their tomb with them.

Carson.Powers said...

1-Whatever Pharaohs decided became a law. And had absolute power, coplete control over their people.
2-Toward the end of the New Kingdom, Egypt declined. Cival war left Egypt weak and poorly defended. Long after the New Kingdom, Egypt fell to the famous conqueror Alexander the Great of Macedonia. The Macedonians continued to rule Egypt for about 300 years.
3-They are all in common because they all talk about building stuff in the Old Kingdom it says they went and got timber to BUILD boats, houses, furniture. Middle it says they recunstructed bulidings and irrigation projects. Last the New Kingdom wanted to build a new Empire.

Tiana.Whiting said...

The Egyptians thought that the pharahos who prvided floods and harvests that follow.

civil war keft egypt weak and porly deafened.Then alexander the great made them fall again and masadonia continuied to rule Egypt.

they all became weak at one ponit. so they all wanted to bulid and empire or land.

Sia.Fletcher said...

1)The Pharahos has absolute power of there own people. The ancient people of egypt thought that pharohos were the earthly form of Horus. The ancient egyptians thought that the reason why they have a flood every year in the Nile is because they thought since the pharhos had absolute power they made the floods of the Nile, and let the Harvest have a good season.
The pharhos could also turn to there advisors to the godess of truth.
2)The kingdoms started to grow weaker because of the wars, invasions, weak rulers.
3)They all became to crumble and started to grow weak because of the kings and pharohos they had have.

izzy.tyrell said...

1.The pharohs had absolute power. For help in making decisions they could turn to thier advisors.
2.Civil war left Egypt weak and pourly defended. Cleapatra commited suicide leaving no one to govern them.
3.They all fell in the end.

Anonymous said...
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Maria.Stryzewski said...

*Pharaohs were successful because they had absolute power,control of there people and making decisions
*Toward the end of the civil war Egypt declined Left Egypt weak and prooly defended
*Important events and achievements for 3 kingdoms

Anonymous said...

1)Because like all Egytains pharohs,Hatshepsut controlled the wealth and power of a great civilization.Hatshepsut was a blod leader who is most known for creating a time of great peace and economic success.
2) Thutmose III treaded those he defeated with mercy.Toward the end of the New Kingdom, Egypt delcined.Civil war left Egypt weak and poorly defended.
3)All the kingdoms Have in common was that they liked building things and creat more things.

teah.seekingland said...

(1)* They had absolute power.
(2)* Civil war left Egypt weak and poorly defended.
(3)* They wanted to build an empire.

Nyqe.Long said...

Absolute power, rich soil, large population.
Civil War made them weak and conquerd by Alexander the Great from Macedonia. Then the Romans also conquered them too. Getting rich and building things.

jevyn.sharping said...

The people thought the pharaohs were gods so they beleived in what they said.
They fell because they had a bad leader or because other empires took control over Egypt.
They all fell, they all ruled for a while, and they all made money for building things.

Collin Muller said...

because they thought they were gods.
civil war left egypt weak and porly deffeted.
they fell in deffet

michaella.salisbury said...

1)they probly made very good chosses that the egyptians thought they would be good rulers and every thing they said did the other egyptans had to follow.such thing like making rules laws orders and can evan make some slaves or workers do or make primids.

michaella.salisbury said...

they also were very rich that was the big thing.
2)they a lot of the old kingdom they grew the middle kingdom spent thier money on public and grew the new kingdomafter the a war they fell down to alexander the grate and ruled egyt for about 300 years then eypt was conquered by the romans than eygpt became part of rome.
3)they all grow week at some point and that the rulers were not very good until hatshepshop became became the ruler of eygt for a little kid.

miranda.fisher said...

1. all the kingdoms like to build.

2. the pharaohs had the power ,but were challenged and became weak.

3. the kingdoms became rich threw trade and works.

miranda.fisher said...

Alexanders energy and military genius helped him succeeed.He drove himself and his army hard,