Monday, October 17, 2011

Pharaoh, Pharaoh...oh oh, let my people go....lallalllaaa

Why do you think the pharaohs of Egypt were so successful for so long?
       *Use some evidence from your social studies book

What factors (things) led to the decline (downfall) of Egypt? 
       *Use some evidence for your social studies book

What 3 charactorists did all the Kingdoms have in common?
      *Again, you guessed it, use evidence from your....BOOK! 

This will be your LONGEST blog to date!  Make sure you answer all 3 questions.  Happy blogging!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nile River

This kid is not the smartest child around.  His name is Clueless Charlie.  Clueless Charlie doesn't know anything about the Nile River! 

Can you explain to Clueless Charlie why the Nile River was so important to the Egyptians and Nubians?  Tell Charlie at least 3 benefits of living along the Nile River.  Then tell Clueless Charlie one bad thing about living along the Nile River. 

Then, tell Clueless Charlie how life would have been different is the Nile River did not flood regularly.